WATCH: Lay Catholic Leaders Respond to Synod on Synodality from Rome

Well-known Catholic laity addressed the scandals of the recent Synod on Synodality at a press conference in Rome this morning.

The Catholic laymen and women who addressed media in Rome included LifeSiteNews’ co-founder and editor-in-chief John-Henry Westen, The Remnant newspaper’s Michael Matt, Ugandan MP Lucy Akello, Kenyan Alice Muchiri, French journalist Jeanne Smits, child advocate attorney Liz Yore, and British barrister (trial attorney) James Bogle. They provided LifeSiteNews and other media with statements serving as guides to their remarks.

While relieved that the report released by the Vatican on Saturday did not include any overt attempt to overthrow perennial doctrine, John-Henry Westen observed that Pope Francis had “scandalized the faithful” by hinting that the Scriptural prohibition of homosexual relations could be abolished.

“During this whole Synod on Synodality Pope Francis has made his own personal teaching contrary to the faith more explicit than ever before,” Westen said via press release.   

“Right from the outset he scandalized the faithful by selecting bishops who oppose the teaching of the faith on the family as the leadership of the synod,” he continued.

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