Francis Claims the Synod is a Continuation of Vatican II: ‘The Church has to Change’

“The Church has to change,” argued Pope Francis in a recent interview, highlighting post-Vatican II changes which he said “must continue.”

“Progress is necessary and the Church has to incorporate these novelties with a serious conversation from a human point of view,” declared the Argentine pontiff.

In an interview conducted in September but released on October 17, Pope Francis spoke about a number of topics, including the Synod on Synodality and his desire to alter the Church.

With the topic of the synod raised by Télam, Argentina’s national news agency,  Francis highlighted how the event was to be understood in light of the Second Vatican Council.

“Since the Second Vatican Council, John XXIII had a very clear perception: the Church has to change,” he said. “Paul VI agreed, just like the succeeding popes.”

Francis argued that such a “change” was not just about “changing ways, it’s about a change of growth, in favor of the dignity of people.” “That’s theological progression, of moral theology and all the ecclesiastical sciences, even in the interpretation of Scriptures that have progressed according to the feelings of the Church,” he said.

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