Iowa Bishop Issues Disastrous Gender Ideology Guidelines

Bishop Thomas Zinkula’s guidelines fail to reference Catholic teaching on gender and sexuality, and the bishop gave evasive answers when asked whether they allow for practices that affirm a student’s gender confusion.

Bishop Thomas Zinkula recently issued pastoral guidelines on gender and sexuality encouraging “reasonable accommodations” that could allow students in schools of his Iowa diocese to cross-dress and compete on sports teams of the opposite sex.

Zinkula explained in a letter accompanying the “Guidelines for Pastoral Accompaniment of Gender and Sexual Minorities” for the Diocese of Davenport, issued October 4, that the guidelines are almost three years in the making, prompted by “sexual and gender identity issues that were beginning to arise in schools and parishes.”

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop Zinkula and charitably ask him to revise his guidelines to be in conformity with Catholic teaching, similar to the guidelines issued by the Cleveland diocese.

Bishop Thomas Zinkula
Bishop of Davenport
780 W. Central Park Av., Davenport IA  52804-1901

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