A Synodal Swampy Mess

While addressing a South American youth gathering in 2015, Pope Francis defined his pontificate when he told them to go out and “make a mess.” And a mess is what he has emanating from the Vatican.

Enter the Synod on Synodality where barrels of ink have been spilled leading up to its initiation that is now underway in the Eternal City. And if the recycle dumpster is to be believed, much that has been written on the synod has been deposited unopened.

Many baptized Catholics have no idea what a synod is or even care.

The Vatican’s Instrumentum Laboris, is the Instrumentum Laboris, a working document for the synod and at 27,000 words, lives up to its Latin meaning as it is a laborious and penitential read with its fair share of sociological and bureaucratic bloviation. Terms like “inclusivity, accompaniment, listening, the marginalized, LGBTQ+ and journey together” litter the document.

It says nothing about the Church’s mission: the salvation of souls and very little about sin, repentance, redemption, judgment, heaven, hell and yes — Jesus Christ.

The political and social have superseded the moral and divine.

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