Swiss Bishops’ President Calls for Ordination of Women, Married Priests Ahead of Synod

The president of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference has made the heterodox claim that the Catholic Church should ordain women.

As reported by Swissinfo this past weekend, Bishop Felix Gmür, who is scheduled to attend the upcoming Synod on Synodality in Rome, told Swiss media outlet NZZ am Sonntag earlier this month that the Church needs to change its approach toward women in the Church.

“The subordination of women in the Catholic Church is incomprehensible to me. Changes are needed there,” Gmür reportedly said  

The bishop also called for married priests.  

“Celibacy means that I am available to God. But I believe that this sign is no longer understood by society today,” he remarked. “The time is ripe to abolish celibacy. I have no problem at all imagining married priests.”

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