Archbishop of Milan Issues Pastoral Guidance for Homosexual Unions

The archbishop of Europe’s largest archdiocese in terms of number of Catholic faithful has been criticized for releasing pastoral guidelines that appear to define homosexual attraction as love, and equating them to heterosexual relationships with respect to pastoral care.

In a pastoral proposal for 2023-2024, Archbishop Mario Delpini of Milan wrote that “particularly delicate attention given modern-day sensibilities must be devoted to accompanying and understanding the experience of love and the different nuances of attraction, both to people of different genders and to people of the same gender.”

The archbishop’s words are made in the context of assigning great importance to “accompaniment,” a term that figures prominently throughout the document, and he underlined that the Christian community must “assume the responsibility of teaching about love” in all its “sexual dimensions.”

Riccardo Cascioli, writing in the Catholic daily La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, which he edits, believes that through such guidelines, the archdiocese of Milan “fully embraces the line drawn by the gay lobby that has now taken command of the Catholic Church.”

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