Synod in Sight: What Ghosts Of The Past Can Tell Us About The Future

Catholics who have not lost sight of the eschatological promise at the heart of Christ’s message are well acquainted with the slanderous label “conspiracy theorist.” Those of us still discerning the “signs of the times,” who are keenly aware of historical typologies, who keep watch of men and their plots, are considered paranoid kooks and crackpots. To believe any man may be conspiring to undermine the ecclesia from within is met with instant suspicion. But I say to you, our fellow catholic accusers, you are painfully illiterate in the language and history of the Church. The prelude to the Passion, the very fulcrum of the salvific drama, was itself the product of an internal conspiracy. Judas, one of the twelve, conspires with the Sanhedrin to have the Son of Man stripped and slaughtered like a slave. The very mechanism that Providence employed to offer up the paschal lamb was itself an internal conspiracy, an intrigue hatched between a member of Christ’s inner circle and the worldly authorities. And even in that climatic moment, when the creator of heaven and earth was betrayed by one of his own, the deed was sealed and signed with the tender touch of a kiss. There is a poetic perfection to this act, a prophetic foreboding. The Son of God will be betrayed under a veil of outward affection. This is all meaningless to a man blind to typology. And I fear in a time all too soon, to even endorse belief in the Parousia, in Christ’s return, will have one labeled a crank by members of the church.

The Church is approaching a flashpoint. Generations of sexual abuse allegations have accumulated upon the face of the ecclesia as muck on a bough. The progressive unbinding of Church doctrine and the effort to strip the Church of her sacral quality is reaching its apogee. What must be understood is that these two things go hand in hand. I have spoken much on the topic of men like Cardinal Bernardin. How the most sadistic of sexual deviants cloaked in clerical vestments also tend to be the ones hoping to abolish those very vestments. With the approach of the synod, many are asking themselves, “How could God allow this?” We must always remember, Providence allowed the slaying of God’s son to advance the ultimate objective of the salvific plan. So what is one to do, as we approach the very real possibility of Female Deacons and homosexual unions being supposedly blessed by the Church in the approaching synod? A synod that is being made a private affair. Not even the second Vatican council was cloaked in such secrecy. This is unprecedented, and we should prepare for the worst. But we should not lose hope.

This will probably be the last time I reference Bernardin. I invoke his unholy shade to serve as a looking glass into the future.

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