Synod in Sight: What Ghosts Of The Past Can Tell Us About The Future

Catholics who have not lost sight of the eschatological promise at the heart of Christ’s message are well acquainted with the slanderous label “conspiracy theorist.” Those of us still discerning the “signs of the times,” who are keenly aware of historical typologies, who keep watch of men and their plots, are considered paranoid kooks and … Read more

Is Vigano Our Modern Day Brandano?

On Holy Thursday 1527 while Clement VII was blessing the crowds in St. Peter’s, Brandano da Petroio, who was venerated by the crowds as ‘Christ’s Madman,’ shouted: “Sodomite bastard, for your sins Rome will be destroyed. Confess and convert, for in fourteen days the wrath of God will fall upon you and the City.” On … Read more