Fr. James Martin Claims Christ Raising Lazarus is ‘Invitation’ for ‘LGBTQ People’ to ‘Come Out’

In his recently published book, Father James Martin, SJ, has argued that Christ’s command for Lazarus to “come out” of the tomb is an “invitation” for individuals who identify as “LGBTQ” to “‘come out’ into the sunlight of God’s love.”

Published by HarperCollins on September 5, Come Forth: The Promise of Jesus’s Greater Miracle is the latest book offering from the notoriously pro-LGBT Jesuit Fr. James Martin. In an excerpt published on the website of his LGBT activist group Outreach, Martin presented his interpretation of the Gospel passage recounting the raising of Lazarus from the dead.

Martin revealed that he had originally intended to call the book Lazarus, Come Out!, in reference to Christ’s command to the dead man sealed in the tomb. But he did not choose this title, stating that “I was concerned that the reference to ‘coming out’ would be seen as a veiled comment on that earlier book [Martin’s 2017 pro-LGBT book Building a Bridge], thereby serving as an occasion for snide comments or distracting from this book, which is not focused on LGBTQ people but on everyone.”

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