New Cracks in the Rock of Peter

Maybe more Church leaders should heed the old slogan, “What would Jesus do?”

Last week, a major Catholic college, the University of San Diego, banned conservative influencer Matt Walsh from speaking on campus. Walsh is perhaps the preeminent opponent of transgender insanity. His documentary, What Is a Woman?, garnered at least 300 million viewers, and his advocacy has inspired multiple state laws against child mutilation, which the left perversely calls “gender-affirming care.”

Walsh is not only a devout Catholic (his sister is a nun), his stand against such anti-human madness is entirely in line with Church doctrine, which states that identifying outside the gender binary is “nothing more than a confused concept of freedom in the realm of feelings and wants.” This did not deter proponents of the Walsh ban from assuming a Catholic cover.

“I do think that it is one of the most important things that we hold our Catholic faith first,” said USD student senator Isabella Sevilla. “And if he (Walsh) does not align with the values of the Catholic Church, then that is something we should consider.” USD’s Assistant Vice-President for Student Life Byron Howlett went further, calling Walsh’s beliefs “grossly offensive.” So far, no Church official has criticized his cancellation, let alone taken corrective action against the school.

Nor will they if the sermon at the last Mass I attended is any indication. The priest spoke heartfully about the virtue of humility. I’m all for humility, but not when the Christian faithful are being persecuted by the state. Not when government tyrants shut down Churches at the hint of a pandemic while freeing liquor and pot stores, with the compliance of the clergy. And not when the FBI targets traditional Catholics as domestic terrorists — as revealed in a leaked document last February — to minimal response from hierarchy.

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