Homosexual Priest Drafts World’s First ‘Queer Bible’

A homosexual priest from Lucerne, a city renowned as the capital of Catholic Switzerland, claims to have reimagined the Holy Scriptures to create the world’s first “Queer Bible.”

Launching Die Queerbibel at the Lucerne Pride Festival on Saturday, Fr. Meinrad Furrer, an LGBT activist, presented a sample of his heterodox text by offering a “queer” rewriting of the Joseph story in the book of Genesis.
Rewriting Scripture

“We rewrite certain texts in the Bible. You can see the original text but also what we add from a queer point of view,” explains Fr. Furrer, parish priest of St. Peter’s Chapel — the oldest church in Lucerne.

Furrer argues that the “coat of many colors” (Gen 37:3) given to Joseph by his father, Jacob, is a “floor-length, decorated sleeve dress.”

The priest claims that the word for such a skirt or dress is the same word used to describe the garment worn by a princess in the period of King David, as recorded in the second book of Samuel.

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