BRAVO! Massachusetts Bishop Forbids Students from LGBT Expression in Diocesan Schools

A Catholic bishop in Massachusetts has issued a ban on gender-bending behavior as well as the expression or celebration of “same-sex attraction” by students in Diocese of Worcester schools.

Bishop Robert McManus officially issued a policy on June 29 mandating that students wear gender-appropriate uniforms as well as use bathrooms and play on sports teams corresponding to their biological sex.

The rules also ban students from “expressing, celebrating or advocating for ‘same-sex attraction in such a way as to cause confusion or distraction,’” The Daily Mail reported.

According to the Patch, McManus explained in a memo that to embrace same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria is to reject the truth about how one is created by God.

“We do not serve anyone’s greater good by falsifying the truth, for it is only the truth that frees us for the full life that God offers to each of us,” he wrote. “Thus, when a person experiences same-sex attraction or some form of gender dysphoria, such struggles do not change the biological fact of how God created that person, and it would be untruthful for the Catholic Church or our Catholic schools to pretend otherwise.”

The policy, which takes effect this coming school year and applies to 21 schools in the diocese, has already been met with resistance by religious orders running two Worcester Catholic schools.

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