WATCH: Speakers from the Second Annual Conference for the Coalition of Canceled Priests

On this special episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, I interview Father John Lovell, head of the Coalition for Canceled Priests and others at the Coalition’s second conference, while also reflecting on the event itself. 

Speaking with Lovell, he tells me that turnout for the event was “tremendous,” with priests and laity from as far away as Scotland and from across the U.S. He further tells me that the speakers for the event were “excellent,” among whom were Altman, Jesse Romero, Michael Hichborn, Abby Johnson, Kennedy Hall, Liz Yore, and Doug Barry.

He also tells me that bishops support the Coalition, explaining, “I’ve had a lot of bishops come up to me, because we’re not an organization that is directly attacking bishops, and I would even dare say we’re not even indirectly attacking, but we’re shedding light on an injustice that some of the bishops are perpetrating.”

Speaking at the conference, Yore, a co-host on Faith & Reason, said: “With our Rosary as our weapon and our shield, let us each commit to join the resistance, doing our part, guided by the Holy Spirit, protected by angels, imbued with sanctifying grace and the knowledge that in the end [Mary’s] Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

Altman shared a similar message to the conference, saying “the Church is dying because Her pastors are afraid to speak all truth and charity in clarity. We are afraid of the media, we are afraid of public opinion, we’re afraid of our own brethren, we’re afraid of being canceled. The Good Shepherd gives His Life for His sheep.”

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WATCH Speakers from the Event