The Homosexual Infestation of the Catholic Church

The Catholic bishops of Spain released a clerical sex abuse report at the beginning of the month, based on testimony from nearly a thousand abuse victims and revealing a staggering 728 predators, over 99 percent of whom were male. The report also revealed that nearly 82 percent of victims were male.

This statistic shouldn’t be shocking, as it is consistent with clerical sex abuse reports across the globe, demonstrating that the chief and even the root issue behind clerical sex abuse is homosexuality.

In 2004, the U.S. Catholic bishops commissioned a now-infamous report from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, which reported that 81 percent of clerical sex abuse victims were male. In France, a landmark clerical sex abuse report released in 2021 reported that over 330,000 children were abused by priests and other diocesan employees and noting that 80 percent of victims were male. In Ireland, stories are emerging of widespread clerical sex abuse in all-boys schools. An as-yet-incomplete clerical abuse investigation in Portugal likewise found that the majority of victims were male and that the most common site of abuse was in seminaries.

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