WATCH: United Nations Endorses Pedophilia – Where Are Our Bishops?

The United Nations reveals its support for the unthinkable — announcing its official backing for the decriminalization of pedophilia.

READ IT FOR YOURSELF: the International Commission of Jurists document pushing the abomination of pedophilia.

Transgenderism is the LGBT agenda’s most dangerous movement, claiming the lives of countless children worldwide by brainwashing our young to hate their bodies and believe a lie — that boys can transition into girls. Now, YouTube’s #1 star — MrBeast — watched by millions of young children every day, has proudly announced that he supports transgenderism.

Meanwhile, religious leaders like Pope Francis have abdicated their duty to defend children against transgenderism. Most recently he accepted a pro-abortion symbol, while saying that the Church’s teaching on sexuality is so immature it is still “in diapers” — this while posing for a feature-length documentary with massive pro-trans entertainment and media empire Disney.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact your bishop and demand that he publicly condemn the United Nations endorsement of pedophilia.