The Conformist Cardinals

Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind… Romans 12:2

To be fair, Cardinal McElroy didn’t call for the Church to ordain women. And, technically, Cardinal Cupich hasn’t called for the Church to condone homosexuality.

Rather, what Cardinal McElroy said is that “the exclusion of men and women because of their marital status or their sexual orientation/activity is pre-eminently a pastoral question, not a doctrinal one.” Likewise, Cardinal Cupich condemned those who would “exclude sinners from fuller participation in the life of the church until they have reformed, out of respect for God’s justice.”

But we all know what that means. What’s more, they know that we know what it means. Their Eminences want everyone to understand that they dissent from the Catholic faith. They’re a fifth column of feminists and LGBT allies, working to recreate the Church from within. Of course, openly calling for such changes might cost them their jobs. So they’re not going to do that. But they still want us all to know they’re on the right side of history. They want implausible deniability.

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