Vatican Urges Catholics to Fast from ‘Fossil Fuels’ for Lent

The Vatican’s official newspaper L’Osservatore Romano has appealed to Catholics to “fast from gas” and other fossil fuels during Lent in solidarity with those suffering “cold in Ukraine.”

Lent is “a time for reflection and concrete actions such as ‘fasting from gas’ and limiting the use of heating,” the newspaper proposed, “not only as a sign of solidarity with Ukrainians and other afflicted peoples, but also to defund the war economy.”

Interviewed in L’Osservatore Romano last week, Cecilia Dall’Oglio, Italian program director of the Laudato Sí environmental movement, said that turning on heating gas means “financing a war economy and we don’t want that anymore.”

“Fasting from gas is Italy’s way of joining the Global Action Week during Lent: a time of awareness about ‘ecological sins’ and our responsibilities,” she added.

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