Sacramento Diocese Could Go Bankrupt As It Faces Over 270 Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

The Catholic Diocese of Sacramento could go bankrupt as it faces hundreds of lawsuits alleging sexual abuse of minors, a letter from Bishop Jaime Soto reads.

“I am committed to resolving all claims as fairly as possible,” Soto said in the letter. “Given the number of claims that have been presented, however, resolving them may overwhelm the diocese’s finances available to satisfy such claims. This financial challenge is unlike anything we have faced before. I must consider what options are available to us, should the diocese become insolvent.”

The letter sent to the community on Sunday explains that the more than 200 lawsuits were filed because of a California law that removes the time limit for filing child sex abuse claims. Before Assembly Bill 218 passed in 2018, people had three years from the time of the reported abuse before it would be barred from consideration in a court.

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