In Canada, Catholic Bishops Back Tyrant as Evangelical Pastors Defy Trudeau

Evangelical pastors and academics are warning prime minister Justin Trudeau of God’s wrath even as faithful Catholics lament the capitulation of Canada’s bishops to the nation’s tyrannical regime.

On Sunday, archbishop of Gatineau Paul-André Durocher slammed Vatican whistleblower Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò for supporting the truckers’ peaceful protests.

“I don’t know who wrote Mgr. Viganò’s latest script, but I just want to make it clear that, as a Canadian archbishop who is close to the scene, I disagree strongly with his fabricated premise, his poor analysis and his mistaken conclusions,” Durocher tweeted.

A day before blasting Viganò, the Gatineau prelate endorsed an article by left-wing journalist Christopher Curtis claiming that the protesting truckers were a “hodgepodge of New Age healers and right-wing militants.”

Curtis, who calls abortion a “fundamental right,” also promotes legalizing cannabis for indigenous peoples.

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