What Are Bishops Supposed to Teach?

What is a Catholic bishop supposed to teach? The Oath of Fidelity on Assuming an Office to be Exercised in the Name of the Church supplies a succinct answer: “In fulfilling the charge entrusted to me in the name of the Church, I shall hold fast to the deposit of faith in its entirety; I shall faithfully hand it on and explain it, and I shall avoid any teachings contrary to it.”

What are the qualities that are required in a man being considered for promotion to the episcopate? Canon 378, §1, 1º answers thus: “To be a suitable candidate for the episcopate it is required that he be outstanding in strong faith, good morals, piety, zeal for souls, wisdom, prudence and human virtues, and possess those other gifts which equip him to fulfill the office in question.”

What are the qualities that the Church seeks in a man to be promoted to the College of Cardinals?  Canon 351, §1 states: “Those to be promoted Cardinals are men freely selected by the Roman Pontiff, who are truly outstanding in doctrine, virtue, piety and prudence in practical matters.”

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