WATCH: Did Satan Just Reveal He’s About to Lose His Power?


During an unspecified exorcism session for a female, Satan “started crying out of the blue,” Father Chad Ripperger told U.S. Grace Force.

Ripperger is a former member of the Fraternity of St Peter and founder of the Doloran Fathers in Denver Archdiocese. The exorcist asked Satan, “What’s your problem.” Satan replied, “He is about to take my power away from me.” Ripperger adds that “he” refers to God.

The demons are in panic because they realise their time is getting short, Ripperger believes. A consequence of this panic is for him the fact that the governments get increasingly tyrannical, Francis is clamping down on the Roman Rite, the bishops persecute the good priests, and fewer and fewer priests dispense the sacraments correctly.

Ripperger’s conclusion, “The demons know that their time is limited so they’re trying to plant down on anything possibly that they can even with the Church.”

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