McCarrick Allegedly Prayed as He Sexually Abused Teen Boy

Criminal complaint reveals disgusting details of McCarrick’s alleged abuse

McCarrick allegedly started sexually abusing the victim when he was a “young boy,” according to the complaint, in no less than four states.

On June 8, 1974, when the victim was 16, his brother got married. At the reception, McCarrick told the victim that his father wanted McCarrick to talk to the victim because he was “being mischievous at home and not attending church,” the complaint alleges.

As they walked around the Wellesley campus, McCarrick touched the teenager’s genitals, according to the complaint.

Afterward, McCarrick allegedly took the victim into a small room, where he told the victim that he “needed to go to confession.” McCarrick then fondled and kissed the victim’s penis, “saying prayers to make me feel holy,” according to the complaint.

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