WATCH: The Cowboy Priest and His Unorthodox Liturgy


While on vacation trying to find some warm weather in Southern Texas, we happened to attend Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe (OLG) in Mission, Texas. OLG is a beautiful historic building in the heart of downtown Mission.  With the traditional setting, we were expecting to experience a traditional Mass.  We were shocked when the Introit began with “Forever, For Ever, Amen” by Travis Tritt.

Little did we know we had wandered into the parish of of Fr. Roy Sipes, otherwise known as the cowboy priest.  After a bit of research, we discovered Fr. Roy has quite a reputation.  He gained local notoriety for his role in the immigration debate that rages on the southern border.  Fr. Sipes is obviously loved by his parishioners, but at what point do liturgical liberties become liturgical abuse? Catholics concerned about what is happening at OLG are encouraged to contact Bishop Daniel Flores.

Bishop Daniel E. Flores
Bishop of Brownsville
1910 University Boulevard, Brownsville TX  78520