The Great Reset of Our Souls

I’ve tried. I promise you I’ve tried to understand them. I’ve read social media posts of friends I disagree with. I’ve listened to perspectives wildly different than mine. I’ve made an honest effort to avoid creating echo chambers in my life … for better or for worse.

After all my self-perceived open-mindedness, I still cannot bring myself to buy into the current global narrative being written. Take, for example, the Pioneers of Change virtual call this past month. It’s where a select group of global activists advocating for “The Great Reset” tackled the topic of “How to Build Resilience and Trust Post-Pandemic.”

There’s nothing inherently wrong with bringing great minds into a room to discuss a topic as relevant as this one. We can even give them some benefit of the doubt as to their motives. Still, the title alone begs the question: Trust in what?

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