Fr. Altman: Tell Your Bishop ‘Never Again’ on Church Lockdowns

Fr. James Altman of La Crosse, Wisconsin, said Catholics should tell “their shepherds” that they will “never again” submit to church closures.

“We were chosen to live in this time and place, loaded with tons of opportunities to serve him as a servant is supposed to do — to become saints and martyrs,” Altman said in a homily last weekend.

“The thing is, we do that best by and through being fully attached to the vine, by being fully immersed in the holy sacrifice of the mass, fully immersed in the reception of the sacraments, especially reconciliation, and daily practice of devotions. Which is why, some don’t like to hear this, which is why it was such a godless proposition to lock the churches and deny people access to the raw materials they need — the holy sacrifice of the mass, the sacraments,” he continued.

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