Bishops Who Support Homosexual Civil Unions Are Not Helping Same-Sex Attracted Persons

By supporting same-sex civil unions, Pope Francis, Archbishop Hebda, and others also condemn children to unhappy lives of deprivation.

Following Pope Francis’s pronouncement in a just-premiered documentary seemingly supporting the legalization of same-sex civil unions, a U.S. archbishop has added his support in order to “reverence the dignity of those in same-sex relationships.”

Archbishop Bernard A. Hebda of Saint Paul and Minneapolis noted in a recent statement that the Pope believes civil unions are “a kind of middle way that would allow persons of the same sex in long-term relationships to have legal benefits without a civil redefinition of marriage itself.”

While those individuals certainly deserve to be treated with the dignity accorded to all human beings, same-sex relationships — “long-term” or otherwise — do not deserve to be reverenced or recognized by the Church.

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