Report: Illinois Clergy Sexually Abused Nearly 2,000 Children

A five-year investigation just published by the office of Illinois’ Attorney General reports that 451 Catholic clergy sexually abused nearly 2,000 children, a number vastly greater than previously reported by the state’s six dioceses before the investigation began. Attorney General Kwame Raoul recounted in a news conference that his office discovered priests and religious brothers … Read more

‘Francis the Merciful’ Fires Vatican Official Who Opposed ‘Blessings’ for Homosexual Couples

Pope Francis has removed an archbishop from his position as a second-in-command Secretary of the powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), reportedly because he was the driving force behind last year’s CDF document denouncing proposed ‘blessings’ for same-sex couples. Archbishop Giacomo Morandi has been named by Pope Francis as bishop of the … Read more

Yet Another Example of Homo-Hearsay Hypocrisy

Bishop Callahan did not hesitate to remove the priestly faculties of Fr. James Altman, but has been reluctant to do so for disgraced Monsignor Burrill. Elapsed time since Monsignor Burrill’s homosexual misconduct was exposed and Bishop Callahan failure to remove his priestly faculties   The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) general secretary, Monsignor … Read more

Heretic Fr. James Martin Says Not Placing Adopted Children With Homosexual Couples is ‘Homophobia’

Fr. James Martin SJ reacted to a major U.S. Supreme Court religious liberty case pitting so-called homosexual rights against a Catholic adoption agency’s conscience rights, siding with LGBT activsts and a host of far-left organizations. When court observers yesterday suggested that a majority of the nine justices had signaled they would rule in favor of … Read more

Bishops Who Support Homosexual Civil Unions Are Not Helping Same-Sex Attracted Persons

By supporting same-sex civil unions, Pope Francis, Archbishop Hebda, and others also condemn children to unhappy lives of deprivation. Following Pope Francis’s pronouncement in a just-premiered documentary seemingly supporting the legalization of same-sex civil unions, a U.S. archbishop has added his support in order to “reverence the dignity of those in same-sex relationships.” Archbishop Bernard … Read more

Bishop Barron Hit With MASSIVE Backlash After Praising Pro-LGBT Fr. James Martin

Bishop Robert Barron, an auxiliary bishop for Los Angeles and founder of the popular “Word on Fire” ministry, experienced a tsunami of criticism after praising pro-LGBT Fr. James Martin in an endorsement for the Jesuit’s new book about prayer. “Delighted to share the final cover of ‘Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone,’ to be … Read more

Wherein It Takes a Protestant to Correct a Pontiff

Why have our bishops not taken the step of fraternally correcting Pope Francis? Pope Francis’ pronouncement seemingly supporting the legalization of homosexual civil unions has not only caused confusion and recoil among many Catholics. It also invited criticism from Protestant leaders who see him departing from Bible truths. “The news has reported that Pope Francis … Read more

Chaste Same-Sex Attracted Catholics, Feeling Betrayed by Pope Francis, Urge Him to Repent

In the aftermath of Pope Francis’s pronouncement in a just-premiered documentary seemingly supporting the legalization of gay civil unions, chaste same-sex attracted Catholics are struggling to find the right words to express the sense of betrayal and outrage they’re now experiencing. While conservative prelates and Catholic scholars have been quoted extensively in religious and secular … Read more

Pope Francis Appoints Cardinal with McCarrick, Fr. Martin Connections To Monitor Vatican Finances

Pope Francis has appointed Cardinal Kevin Farrell as president of a committee charged with monitoring financial transactions that are not subject to the Pope’s new anti-corruption guidelines. Cardinal Farrell currently serves as prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life. The five-member “Commission for Reserved Matters” will oversee four categories of exempted contracts, according … Read more

Dissident Catholics Launch ‘Catholics for Biden’ in Attempt to Secure Catholic Vote

Numerous priests, however, have come out saying that no faithful Catholic can vote for Joe Biden. A group calling itself “Catholics for Biden,” created to generate grassroots Catholic support for the Democrat Presidential candidate, is set to launch today. The national group, which appears to be the brainchild of Kennedy family members Mark Shriver and … Read more