Author Warns Catholics Voting For Pro-Abortion Candidate Could Be Their One-Way Ticket To Hell

There is a lot of confusion today about the nature of religious liberty. This confusion serves the purposes of those who would destroy the Church. It also leads souls on the road to hell.

John Gerard Lewis tries to cut through the chaos in his book, Catholic Voting and Mortal Sin: How Your Vote Can Endanger Your Salvation. The main point is simple. “Voting for the candidate who least adheres to the Church’s teaching on abortion can be a mortal sin.”

Catholics have long tended to separate their religious lives from their public lives. Nineteenth-century Catholic immigrants often “soft-pedaled” Catholic beliefs to gain acceptance in their new homelands. Many “Americanist” bishops like Archbishop John Ireland encouraged this idea and others like it. Pope Leo XIII refuted this poisonous position in his Apostolic Letter Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae.

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