Priest Accused Of Sex Trafficking Is Toledo Diocesan Insider

Fr. Michael Zacharias was arrested by the FBI earlier this week and is being charged with sex trafficking.

Fr. Zacharias no wayward priest on the fringe.

He was appointed by Bishop Daniel Thomas to serve not only as a Vicar Forane or Dean, but is on the Presbyteral Council. In the absence or death of the bishop, the Presbyteral Council serves as the College of Consulters and runs the diocese.

A Vicar Forane is a priest in charge of a subdivision of a diocese who serves as the representative of the bishop in that region. The Presbyteral Council is a group of priests chosen by the bishop to serve in an advisory capacity to the bishop himself.

Vicars Forane are allowed to use the title Monsignor and the style Very Reverend, while serving in that role.

Earlier this summer, Zacharias participated as a panelist on a Democrat party sponsored event on racism.

Fr. Zacharias was a priest, trusted by the bishop, chosen to rule in his name, and hand-picked to consult the bishop on matters of governance.

In other words, a diocesan insider and confidant of the bishop.