How Faithful Catholics Should Respond to a World of Strife, Upheaval, and Danger

As a Catholic in the U.S. today striving to be faithful, it can seem like a depressing time to be alive. With the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic impact, the riots and violence gripping the nation, and the overall division within our country and even our own Church, it can be a temptation to fall into despair.

But are these times really that much worse than other challenging times in history? How would the saints respond if they walked the earth today?

There is no doubt that God put us here — at this time in history — for a reason, and we should all prayerfully discern our personal response in these turbulent times. There are, however, some core practices that apply across the board. The list below is one I developed for myself, and I thought it might benefit others as well.

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