Pope Benedict Links Homosexual ‘Marriage’ and Abortion to Spiritual Power of Anti-Christ

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI linked the dominance of “homosexual marriage” and “abortion” in the world — such that it brooks no dissent without fear of punishment — to the “spiritual power of the Anti-Christ” in a new biography.

“One hundred years ago,” Benedict stated in the biography by Peter Seewald, “everybody would have considered it to be absurd to speak of a homosexual marriage. Today, one is being excommunicated by society if one opposes it.” The same applies to “abortion and to the creation of human beings in the laboratory,” Benedict added.

“Modern society is in the middle of formulating an anti-Christian creed, and if one opposes it, one is being punished by society with excommunication,” he went on to say. “The fear of this spiritual power of the Anti-Christ is then only more than natural, and it really needs the help of prayers on the part of an entire diocese and of the Universal Church in order to resist it.”

The over 1,000-page authoritative biography, titled Benedikt XVI: Ein Leben (in German) and Benedict XVI The Biography: Volume One (in English) is scheduled for release in German May 4 and in English Nov. 17.

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