Vatican Theologian Says Pandemic is Chastisement for Idolatry

One of the Church’s most highly respected theologians, Msgr. Nicola Bux, is directly connecting the sins of the Church and the sins of the world with the Wuhan virus pandemic.

In a statement published on YouTube and an Italian publication, the expert in Eastern Christian theology, sacramental theology and liturgy — and former consulter to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — invoked the ancient words of Genesis, saying the current sins of humanity “cry out to Heaven for vengeance.”

He began with a warning to Church leaders about idolatry. In what many see as a thinly veiled reference to the Pachamama worship that took place during last October’s Amazon Synod, Bux called idolatry the “gravest sin,” and said, “We gave in to idolatry … by kneeling before heaps of earth and worshiping idolatrous statues even in St. Peter’s Basilica.”

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