Former Nun Invited to Amazon Synod Says Female ‘Ordination’ ‘Simply Has to Come’

Female “ordination” “simply has to come,” an employee of the German bishops’ relief agency Misereor said in an October 12 interview, adding that “the house of cards has to fall.”

Those words came from Regina Reinart, who is participating at the current Pan-Amazon Synod in Rome, in an interview with the website The German bishops’ news website subsequently picked it up.

Married priests must come too, said Reinart, who in addition to being Misereor’s expert on Brazil is a former nun.

Reinart also shows how intensely the two German bishops’ relief agencies – Adveniat and Misereor – are involved in the Amazon Synod. Upon reading this interview, LifeSiteNews reached out to Misereor and Adveniat, asking them about their financial and organizational investment in the events taking place in Rome – for example, the pagan ceremony in the Vatican Gardens, as well as the financial support for the travel expenses of many of the activists (indigenous and others) present in Rome. Misereor’s press speaker, Ralph Allgaier, declined to answer these questions, including one on the symbolism of the naked pregnant statue seen at many synod events.

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