Theodore McCarrick, Despicable to the End

It is telling that the only interview Theodore McCarrick has given in over a year is to Slate, a liberal publication in the tank for the gay mafia. The article appeared this week. It is a half-baked piece, full of distortions, lazy bias, and a lack of outrage about McCarrick’s sickeningly dishonest denials.

Slate informs us that the conniving Catholic right saw in McCarrick’s downfall a chance to “cleanse” the Church. Imagine that! What manipulative bastards! Slate also implies that conservative Catholics are exaggerating the threat posed to young people without bothering to report that he is staying at a friary next to a basilica considered one of Kansas’s top tourist destinations — a basilica-friary complex, I’ve been told by a Church insider, that hosts youth retreats.

Slate confidently states that McCarrick had no connection to the Kansas location. But in fact he had been chummy with the corrupt Capuchins who have run the friary for years, and I’ve been told that he knew a prominent family in town whose son had been in the Incarnate Word, an order (founded by a gay predator) with which McCarrick had a special relationship. He lived near the order in Washington, D.C., for a time. He was famous for dragging Incarnate Word seminarians with him to Atlantic City casinos. He also could be high-handed with the order’s staff, demanding special treatment. According to Slate, that trait hasn’t worn off in Kansas. He is still a jerk to kitchen staff, expressing impatience when he feels his meals don’t arrive quickly enough.

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