Hero Detective Who Caught Fr. Robert DeLand Fired

Saginaw county’s most highly decorated police officer, with more than 35 years of experience and 50 letters of commendation in his file, was abruptly fired in the wake of his investigation that put Saginaw’s popular priest Fr. Robert DeLand in jail.

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Cradle Catholic Detective Brian Berg, who spearheaded the four-month covert operation leading to DeLand’s arrest and conviction, is now unemployed ever since he was unexpectedly fired last October by Saginaw’s police chief, Dennis Green.

Berg sat down with Church Militant to explain what happened the morning of Oct. 17.

“I was called in out of the blue. … The chief said, ‘I want to see you,'” recounts Berg. The chief, according to Berg, then curtly told him, “You’re done. You’re fired.”

“I asked why,” recalls Berg, and the chief’s response was simply, “We’re told we don’t have to give you a reason.”

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