Yet Another Case of Silencing Faithful Priests But Not Dissenters

A few days ago, we featured a story about how the Church has silenced a faithful priest (Fr. Mark Goring) while ignoring a prominent dissenter (Fr. James Martin).

Today comes yet another example from two parishes that are approximately 10 minutes from each other in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

The Stumbling Block reports that Fr. Vaughn Treco, a former Anglican priest, has been removed as pastor of St. Bede the Venerable parish by his superior, Bishop Steven Lopes, for his homily on the Feast of Christ the King in November 2018. Fr. Treco was reportedly given the choice between renouncing the homily or being removed as pastor, wherein he would be required to take further education classes so that he could better understand the postconciliar church.

Let’s contrast this by taking a 10 minute drive to St. Joan of Arc parish where pastor Fr. Jim DeBruycker recently allowed a homosexual couple to address the congregation about the baptism of their son.  As Fr. Z pointed out on his blog after this incident, St. Joan of Arc has a long history of dissent from Catholic teaching.



So, once again, we have yet another example of a faithful priest being removed from his parish and sent away for “re-education” while a public dissenter 10 minutes away is allowed to continue to spew heterodoxy from the pulpit.

Concerned lay persons are encouraged to respectfully communicate their concerns to these men superiors:

Fr. Vaughn Treco’s Superior
Bishop Stephen Lopes
​The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter
PO Box 55206
Houston, TX 77255
Phone: 713-609-9292

Fr. Jim DeBruycker’s Superior
Archbishop Bernard Hebda
Office of The Archbishop
777 Forest Street Saint Paul MN 55106
Phone: 651.291.4400