Thank James Grein for Speaking-Out About Theodore McCarrick

Thank James for Testifying about the Abuse He Suffered at the Hands of Theodore McCarrick

Thank you James for having the courage to speak-out about the abuse you suffered at the hands of Theodore McCarrick.

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52Colleen S.Manhattan, ksSo sorry, so very very sorry this happened to you, to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. You've suffered so much.
51Judith K.Springfield, MOBecause of your courage, the dominoes have begun to fall. I am so very sorry you have such a heavy cross to bear, but consider that you can unite your cross to His cross. You are a very special, CHOSEN person for a very important mission. God has blessed you, ABUNDANTLY!!
50Annette M.God Bless You and protect you. May God's peace reign in your heart. I am certain your speaking out will give the courage to others to do the same and protect others from enduring the same terrible abuse. Thank you. You are a true soldier for Christ.
49Joanna U.Warsaw, PolandI am so sorry for all you have suffered. Thank you for your testimony and forgiving your abuser. I can't forgive him for things he did you, because he was so cruel: he treated you as if you were a thing, not as a sensitive human being.... But I am grateful you were able to forgive him. God bless you!
48Paul S.Carmichael, CaliforniaSorry about what you suffered. He preyed upon your beauty as a young man simply because he was obviously very shallow, not minding things of the spirit nor his obligation toward saving souls. In other words, he used you; this was not love. This was pure barbarism. The sexual revolution had him.
47Nancy J.Fargo, N. D.God bless you for courageous persistence in helping hierarchy face your truth!
46Kurt K.Archbald, PAMay the Holy Spirit console you and give you the gifts necessary to faithfully pursue and defend the truth! May God bless you abundantly.
45Joseph S.Old Forge, PAStay Strong!
44Tess O.Dunmore, PAJames, that you so much for your personal and emotional recall of these events in your life. You have a compelling and shocking part of your life for which no one can make better for you except God. I believe you have made Him very happy.
43Nancy A.Cranford, NJGod bless you and keep you, may his consolation and love fill your heart.
42Deborah R.San Diego , CAGod bless you and keep you. I hope your courage inspires others to tell the truth.
41Caroline M.Camp Hill, PAThank you!! Thank you!!!! You represent all that is holy about our faith: your courage and forgiveness is astounding! Now if only we can get the bishops to speak up courageously and then, forgiveness from the laity will eventually follow suit! Peace and love to you, James!!!
40Sharon Rose S.Freehold, NJThank you, James. Your courage is an inspiration to those of use who feel helpless at the claws of these wolves. May God bless you and keep you always.
39Lourdes M.Tucson, AZ
38Yolanda S.Fairfax , VirginiaJames our Lord loves you very much
37Martin W.East Haven, CtMay you know the truth, speak the truth, and let it set you free from the pain
36Joan W.Lafayette, COYour prayer is perfect. Thank you for standing. Thank you for speaking.
35Mara N.Plymouth, MiMay God bless you and heal you, and bring you peace. I am praying for you!
34Rocco S.
33Catherine P.Houston, TXThank you.
32Cindy G.Kettering, OhYou are in my prayers. God bless you.
31Connie P.God bless you! I am praying for you and all who suffered abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to be men of God.
30Katherine U.Waterbury, CTDear James, Thank you for your great courage and faith. You have carried such a cross in this life. Remember that you are yoked to Christ and He will make your burden light. I see you as a heroic warrior for Christ. It is people like you who will save our troubled Church. You are in my daily prayers. In Him, Kathy Upson
29Christy A.Hagatna, GuamYour words, patience, prudence, hope and faith speak volumes James. Thank you thank you thank you. May Our Blessed Mother embrace you dearly and tenderly. You are in my prayers.
28Geoff J.Thanks.
27George A.DeLand, FLGod bless you James.
26Jane A.Leesburg, FLVery Courageous ~!
25Jennifer T.St. Albert, AlbertaYou are one brave soul. I cannot imagine the year of suffering you have endured. It would have been easier for you to sink into the shadows and never tell but we needed you to come forward. We cannot stop this without brave people like you. I am most grateful that you did not lose your own faith permanently over this! So so many do. Your soul is important and you did not let him steal it from you.
24Lucy F.Chicago , ILGod bless you and I hope your healing continues.
23Elisabeth S.New Braunfels , TexasThank you for speaking out and exposing this evil that has taken hold of our church. I’m can’t even begin to understand the suffering that was inflicted on you, by a man who should have been like a father to you. Thank you for having the courage to speak up.
22Marie D.Gentry, ARYour bravery is saintly and I have no doubt that you will be rewarded in heaven. Thank you for defending our church. I’m not at a place where I can pray for men like McCarrick but men like you are in my prayers daily.
21Travis B.
20Cara C.GOD BLESS YOU. Truth, grace, and peace exudes from you. May it remain with you always.
19Patricia L.Lawrence , NJThank You! Stay strong. Prayers for healinh
18Rosemary C.Whittier, CaliforniaYou are made for goodness. In God’s image and likeness my dear. Thank you for your courage.
17Rosalinda G.
16Heidi B.
15Rolando d.Pickering, Ontario
14Liz B.
13Janness A.Crystal Lake , IllinoisThank you for speaking out and exposing this horrific evil. My prayers are with you and my prayer is that more victims will come forward and the bishops will start speaking out as well. This must be stopped and they must be punished.
12Kristen L.Elk River, MNThank you so much for having the courage to come forward - I am so sorry for all you have had to endure. May God bless you always! We are praying for you!
11Kathleen R. Milton, MassachusettsI am so sorry you had to suffer and still do. Thank-you. God bless you
10Peter C.Allentown, NJYour bravery and courage have inspired me to never give up on doing the right thing, even when the right thing is to climb an insurmountable mountain. Thank you for your commitment to Christ. Thank you for doing the right thing. Thank you for speaking when it would have been so much easier to stay silent. Thank you.
9Zane P.Odessa , TXThank you so much! What you did was extremely brave and I will keep you in my prayers.
8BEVERLY S.Wilsonville , OregonYour courage was awe-inspiring. Thank you on behalf of sexual abuse survivors and the Catholic church. You are a true hero.
7Mike D.Hampton, NHI am so sorry for all you have suffered at the hands of the Church that I love.
6Dan B.Delaware, OhioFight the good fight even though victory is uncertain
5Dolly F.LaGrange, KentuckyThank you so very much, James. May God reward your courage abundantly and may Our Lady hold you close to her Immaculate Heart.
4Lisa L.Jacksonville , FloridaYou are in my daily prayers, James! So sorry for all your suffering! Be a Saint, dear one of the Lord!
3Mary G.Harrisburg , PAStand strong and know that we will keep you in our prayers!!
2Lisa A.Portland, ORI watched your testimony at the rally. You have changed many minds as to the depth and depravity of the scandal. As you said the jig is up!
1Peter S.Miami, FloridaYou are a courageous man. You are in our prayers.
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