Pro-gay Bishop McElroy Defends Diocesan Employee in Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

On October 10, LifeSiteNews reported on one of the listening sessions held by Bp. McElroy at Our Lady of Grace Church in San Diego. During this session, one attendee was removed because of the concern she expressed over “an openly homosexual man ‘running the show'” at St. John the Evangelist parish. According to LifeSite:

After the woman alleged that the parish of St John the Evangelist had an openly homosexual man “running the show,” the Bishop cut her off, saying, “Alright, you’ve gone far enough now. You’re not going to stand here and disparage an employee of the diocese. You can leave if you’re going to do that. The other things you can say – you cannot attack an employee of the diocese[.] … I owe it to the employees of the Archdiocese [sic] not to let those calumnies be said.”

In a comment on the article, the woman in question said that the guards at the event rushed her and tried to haul her out.

The openly homosexual man identified as “running the show” at St. John the Evangelist is Aaron Bianco. According to a September bulletin for the parish, Bianco is the Pastoral Associate and runs the Young Adults & Pastoral Outreach ministry.

In 2015, Dignity USA quoted from a Wall Street Journal article on Facebook (which you can access only through a paid subscription), indicating that Bp. McElroy was fully aware of Bianco’s homosexuality and assured him that his diocesan job is secure. Given that Bp. McElroy was aware of Bianco’s homosexuality, it is unclear what he meant when he said that he would not “let those calumnies be said.”

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