Viganò Corroboration #3: Pope Benedict Confirms He Disciplined McCarrick

Pope Emeritus Benedict has confirmed the claim that he acted during his tenure to discipline now ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in response to accusations of sexual abuse, according to sources that have spoken to the National Catholic Register.

If true, the Pope Emeritus’ confirmation that he knew about McCarrick and sought to punish him lends strong weight to the claim that Pope Francis knew about McCarrick’s abuse but permitted him to act freely as an emissary of the Holy See and as a “kingmaker” for bishop and curial appointments in the Francis papacy.

Although Benedict reportedly cannot remember the exact nature of the punishment he imposed on McCarrick, he recalls having instructed Cardinal Bertone, his then Secretary of State, to impose “measures” against the cardinal in response to the allegations against him of homosexual predation against seminarians and adolescents.

“The Register has independently confirmed that the allegations against McCarrick were certainly known to Benedict, and the Pope Emeritus remembers instructing Cardinal Bertone to impose measures but cannot recall their exact nature,” the publication states in a widely overlooked passage in its original article on the scandal published on Saturday. The Register does not reveal its sources for this information.

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