Can the Pope Survive the Rupnik Scandal?

It’s the eyes — swollen, dark and merciless — that everyone notices. They stare out from the mosaic walls of some of the most beloved shrines in the Catholic World, including Lourdes, Fatima and St Padre Pio. They’ve been called “Roswell eyes” because they remind people of alien-abduction art. For decades, visitors to these holy … Read more

Ten Terrible Years of Pope Francis

Ten years ago today, on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 13, 2013, the 115 cardinal-electors of the Catholic Church walked up one after the other to a table in the Sistine Chapel to deposit folded ballot papers, only an inch wide, in a silver urn. Each bore the name of the cardinal they wanted to … Read more

The Torment of Pope Benedict

It might seem perverse to describe the death of a painfully frail 95-year-old man as a uniquely sad event. But in the case of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI we have to consider the poignant and unsettling circumstances in which he died. I was in St Peter’s Square on 10 April, 2005, when the words “Josephum … Read more