Homosexual Scandals and the “Smoke of Satan”: Understanding the Depth of the Present Crisis

EDITOR’S NOTE: Originally published over 5 years ago, this column is still relevant today.  Until the hierarchy publicly acknowledges and addresses these issues, there will be no progress in overcoming the darkness that has infiltrated the Bride of Christ. When man is facing a crisis, his common tendency is to seek an easy, effective and … Read more

Pope Francis: “Show Me Your Friends, and I’ll Tell You Who You Are”

This adage came to mind when reading Pope Francis’s latest interview with Eugenio Scalfari. It is sadly true that the pope has chosen Scalfari—an old socialist atheist, apostate from the Catholic Church,2 and co-founder of the Italian leftist newspaper La Repubblica—as a friend and confidant. Indeed, Pope Francis has made Scalfari the unofficial spokesman for … Read more