WATCH: Synod Reveals Catholic Church Directly Infiltrated at Highest Levels

  Pro-life trial attorney and author James Bogle delivered a powerful message at LifeSiteNews 2023 Rome Life Forum, declaring that Pope Francis’ Synod on Synodality is a fraud designed to achieve a pre-determined outcome and a sign of the ‘direct infiltration of the Church by an alien spirit at the highest levels.’ Bogle contends that … Read more

Pope Francis, Sexual Revolutionary

Pope Francis? A sexual revolutionary? Surely not? We know he’s not good but isn’t that going a bit far? Well, judge for yourselves. A very revolutionary change, sneaked in by Pope Francis during the Covid-19 lockdown, was his Apostolic Letter Spiritus Domini of 10 January 2021, universally changing canon law for the whole Church regarding the so-called … Read more