The Chicago Archdiocese Does Not Publicly Identify Deceased Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse

The first time it happened, the priest offered Terry Neary a cookie. Neary, then an eighth grade student, was working an after-school job in the rectory of St. Ethelreda in Chicago. He followed the Roman Catholic priest into the kitchen, where, Neary has alleged, the 75-year-old man sexually abused him that day and a few … Read more

Illinois: Attorneys Plan to Release Names of Hundreds of Accused Clergy

In the weeks since Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan released a scathing report faulting the Illinois dioceses for failing to investigate hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy, a daunting question has lingered on the minds of parishioners: Which priests were accused? Unlike a sweeping grand jury report in Pennsylvania that identified more … Read more