WATCH: Bishop Strickland Says Bishops Must Stand For Truth, Not Attacks On The Sacred

  Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas delivered a powerful message at the 2023 Rome Life Forum: bishops must stand for truth in the face of heresy. Catholics at large “cannot play nicely” when heresy threatens the faith, and that the whole Church, especially its bishops, must stand for the sacred — not bow to … Read more

Bishop Strickland Pastoral Letter #6: Sexual Activity Outside of Marriage is Always Gravely Sinful

As we continue to review important truths of our Catholic faith, I am writing to you today to address the fifth truth in my Pastoral Letter of August 22, 2023: “Sexual activity outside marriage is always gravely sinful and cannot be condoned, blessed, or deemed permissible by any authority inside the Church.” Human sexuality is … Read more

Bishop Strickland Pastoral Letter #5: Same-Sex ‘Blessings’ – God Does Not and Cannot Bless Sin

From the Diocese of Tyler, Texas: My Dear Sons and Daughters in Christ: I write to you today to discuss more fully the fourth basic truth that I spoke of in my first pastoral letter issued on August 22, 2023, and to ask that we reflect more deeply on this important truth of our faith: … Read more