Cardinal Sarah Calls On African Theologians to Resist Western Woke Ideology

Cardinal Robert Sarah denounced the rejection of objective truth in the West that he said has led the moral relativism manifested in today’s “woke” ideologies, praising Pope Benedict XVI’s opposition to Europe’s open hatred of its Christian roots.

The former head of the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments made his remarks in a speech delivered in April to the students of the Saint-Cyprien Theological School in the Diocese of Obala, Cameroon. The theme of his speech was “The vocation of a Catholic university in the light of the teaching of Benedict XVI.”

Pointing to the former pope as a guide in the intellectual life, Sarah highlighted Benedict’s critique of moral relativism in the West, quoting the words of the former pontiff: “Without being oriented towards the truth, without an attitude of humble and courageous search for truth, every culture disintegrates, falls into relativism and is lost in the ephemeral.”

Elaborating on the immense social consequences of rejecting objective truth, the cardinal continued, “The sense of Truth is the rock that must be the foundation of every solid culture. Without the search for truth, we cannot rely on anything. Everything becomes liquid.”

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