Dutch Bishop Praises Bishop Strickland for his Defense of the Faith

Why do U.S. bishops remain silent?

A Dutch bishop has praised Bishop Joseph Strickland for his outspoken defense of the faith, lamenting the contrasting tolerance shown toward heterodox bishops who publicly undermine Catholic doctrine.  

In an interview with InfoVaticana published in Spanish, Bishop Robert Mutsaerts, auxiliary bishop of ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) in the Netherlands, lamented the present state of the Church and the confusion caused by Pope Francis. He criticized the homosexual “blessings” allowed by Fiducia Supplicans as contrary to Church teaching and a radical break with Tradition, and held up Bishop Strickland as an example of fidelity to Tradition. 

Asked about Strickland’s dismissal and the stark contrast with the way in which Rome has done “nothing” about German bishops who have spoken “against Catholic doctrine and morality,” Mutsaerts highlighted the harshness of the Pope’s treatment of the Texas bishop, saying: 

‘Everyone, everyone, everyone,’ says Pope Francis: everyone is welcome. All? It seems that an exception is made with the traditional ones. The tone of Traditionis Custodes is harsh. And how often are they called stiff, more outlandish terms? Request the Traditional Mass and you will be cancelled. A soft-spoken man like Bishop Strickland is one of many examples. The German and Belgian bishops who advocate again and again for changes in the doctrine and morals of the Church are treated with kindness. It marks the current pontificate.

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