Bishop Strickland: ‘The Church is Called to be a Divine Organization,’ Not a Democracy

Catholic Bishop Joseph Strickland has offered his insights into the challenges facing the American Catholic Church and stated that he believed that the problems facing the Church are paralleled by America’s political woes.

The former bishop of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas spoke with CNSNews at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on February 22. His Excellency opined that the biggest problem facing the Church was “a lack of clear embracing of the truth that God has revealed to us.” Bishop Strickland said that the truths of faith are not simply matters of the world, but are divinely revealed and not subject to changing political whims.

“We are a religion based on a revealed truth,” Strickland explained:

“It’s not based on something we formulated, it’s not something we figured out. It’s a truth revealed to us beginning with the Hebrew Scriptures of the Bible, the Old Testament, and then fulfilled in Jesus Christ, truth incarnate. It’s a revealed truth, it’s not something we vote in or out.

“The Church is not a democracy, not because a democracy isn’t a good way to run human organizations, but the Church is called to be a divine organization guided by divinely revealed truth.

“I think there is a sort of waffling on that, which does not have any future. The truth is not going to change; the truth does not change.”

Strickland added that another important consideration forgotten by many Christians is the call to repentance, which accompanies reaching out to sinners. “That call to repentance is being ignored by too many,” he told CNSNews. “We need to repent of our sins. Yes, Christ welcomes the sinner, but he welcomes them, he calls them to change their lives, to repentance from sin.”

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