LISTEN: Glenn Beck Interviews Bishop Strickland

Last November, Bishop Joseph Strickland was removed by Pope Francis from his position as the fourth bishop of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas. The question is, why? In this episode of “The Glenn Beck Podcast,” Glenn and Bishop Strickland discuss why he was removed and how to be first-century Christians in the 21st century. Bishop Strickland is described by his critics as a “Christian Nationalist,” a “Francis-bashing, fire-breathing darling of right-wing Twitter.” But in this episode, he sets the record straight. From Catholic views on same-sex marriage to the Big Bang to why he joined a protest against the L.A. Dodgers for honoring anti-Catholic drag group “The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” Bishop Strickland warns that “we need to wake up as a nation before it’s too late.” He also shares his opinion about the faith of the most well-known Catholic politicians such as Nancy Pelosi and America’s second Catholic president — Joe Biden; why he thinks there are very few atheists in the world; and how every American needs to find the strength to live in the truth.