Fellow Texas Bishop Rene Gracida Weighs-In on the Attempted Assassination of Bishop Strickland’s Ministry

Editor’s Note: One of my heroes is Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Rene Gracida. He stands almost alone, being one of the few bishops who ever publicly refused the Eucharist to pro-abortion politicians. He urged his fellow bishops decades ago to do likewise, but you can guess how that turned out. Look to the reaction of the pathetic and cowardly bishops during the reign of Henry VIII and you’ll see history repeating itself. Cowardly and feckless are words that pop into my mind.  I pray to see the fulfillment of the prophecy from this article by Charlie Johnston that the hour of darkness is ending before I die. Thank you, Bishop Gracida, for your faithful service to Holy Mother Church! The bishops website is well worth following!

Early in his pontificate, Pope Francis said he wanted to, “make a mess,” and urged young people to do the same. With the normalization of transgenderism in the Church and the approval for blessing same sex unions, combined with the dismissal of two orthodox Bishops for vague or no reasons, all I can say to him is, “Mission accomplished!”

Yet I think the hour of darkness in the Church is almost over.

The Pope’s dismissal of Bishop Joseph Strickland, formerly of Tyler, Texas, while promoting various prelates who support gay marriage, intrinsically support abortion and routinely violate Church law is a sign that we have nearly reached the bottom of depravity in the disordered faction of the hierarchy…and may very well trigger the backlash that routs the depraved from our ranks.

While Strickland presided over a relatively small Diocese, his unflagging public advocacy of orthodoxy and fidelity to Christ raised his stature and profile throughout the world. When it first came out that the Vatican was targeting him, top orthodox prelates around the world spoke out on his behalf. He has become a sort of battle flag for those prelates and laity who do NOT believe the mission of the Church is to renegotiate Scripture, the Magisterium and the nature of sin with God. Detaching Strickland from his Diocese is much less likely to silence him than it is to free him to speak more powerfully throughout the world. Pope Francis wanted Strickland emasculated. He may just get Strickland unchained.

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