Vatican Prosecutor Seeks 7 Years in Jail for Cardinal, Confiscation of $460 Million from 10 Defendants

The Vatican prosecutor asked a court Wednesday to convict 10 people, including a cardinal, of a range of financial crimes, sentence them to three to 13 years in prison and order the confiscation of some 415 million euros ($460 million) to pay the Holy See back for bad investments and financial losses over the past decade.

Prosecutor Alessandro Diddi ended six days of aggressive closing arguments with his requests for a verdict and sentencing. After a summer pause, the defense and civil parties in the Vatican’s “trial of the century” will deliver their closing arguments, with Judge Giuseppe Pignatone’s court expected to deliver a verdict before the end of the year.

Diddi justified the substantial requests for prison time, fines and confiscation of assets based on what he called the “many crimes against the patrimony of the Holy See.” He has estimated the combined losses at between 139 million and 189 million euros ($154 million and $210 million).

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